Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Remembering September 11th 2001

There can be no doubt that those who carried out the attacks on 9/11 did so believing that they were doung the will of Allah.

There can be no doubt that they were believing the teachings of the Koran.

There can be no doubt that they were Muslims.

If you are in doubt regarding these statements, then read the Koran for yourself.  It is freely available here:


Number killed in attack on New York, in the Twin Towers and in aircraft that crashed into them: 2,823

Number of people who died when United Airlines flight 93, from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, crashed in rural southwest Pennsylvania: 45

Number of people who died when American Airlines flight 77, from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon: 64 

Number of peole killed in the Pentagon: 125

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Human Rights

There is an article on the Telegraph website 'Human rights are key to our foreign policy'.

'We must harness Britain's generosity and compassion to help the rest of the world, says William Hague.'

My response:

I have sent several books to William Hague, including 'Sharia or Democracy' and 'Paradox of Human Rights'. 

It would be very helpful if the death penalty for adultery were abolished under Sharia law. 

I have read the Koran carefully. The justification for the death penalty is not in the Koran but in the Hadith. 

The teaching within the Koran, if applied logically, would negate the teaching in the Hadith. There is a logical inconsistency, which means that the death penalty should not apply. See 'Adultery Stoning Sentence'. 


This movement towards a more humane approach could also go some way towards preventing the estimated 5000 so called 'honour' killings per year. 

Before we think that such problems are in far away places and are not really our problem, consider this: 


Climate change

There is an article on the Telegraph website 'IPCC's Rajendra Pachauri is damaging the world'.

My response:

We should be concerned to tackle the problems in the world, in the order of greatest impact. I see these as:

1. Irrational behaviour resulting from religious doctrines, most particularly due to the teachings in the Koran.

2. Excessive population growth, somewhat correlated to item 1. and including the loss of control of women over their own fertility due to such religious doctrines. ('Your wives are a tilth unto you, go into your tilth when you want') For Britain the sustainable population size is somewhere around 20 million, depending on the acceptable standard of living. 

3. Food and water security. Linked to items 1 and 2.

4. Energy security. Fossil fuels have been relatively cheap for decades. This cannot continue indefinately, whether or not you believe in peak oil or that it is imminent or indeed past the peak, it stands to reason that there simply cannot be an indefinite supply. It is fossil fuels which also have boosted agricultural production. Artificial fertilisers require energy to produce. Without such fertilisers the production per hectare reduces significantly. In addition, arable land will be needed for growing biofuel crops, at present this is oilseed rape for producing biodiesel. It may be that growing algae would be worthwhile in the future, when the technical hurdles have been overcome. If we factor these in to the equation too, the sustainable population size for Britain is not more than around 7 million. Does that surprise you?

5. Man made climate change. The levels of carbon dioxide have increased significantly over the last hundred years or more, due to human activity, in particular through burning fossil fuels. That is not refuted. Carbon dioxide is also irrefutably a greenhouse gas. The acidity of the oceans is also increasing due to the dissolved carbon dioxide. For this reason alone it would be worthwhile attempting to curb emissions. Whether or not the human contribution to climate change is significant in the long term scheme of things I am still trying to understand. The climate undergoes cyclic changes on long timescales anyway, long before humans appeared on the planet in any significant numbers. We need to learn to adapt to whatever changes occur, from whatever cause.

If the IPCC really wants to do something useful, it could tackle items 1 and 2 as a first priority.

More info on sustainability matters here:


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Blair did not understand Islam!

There is an article in the Telegraph, with the title 'Tony Blair: I did not understand Islam at time of 9/11 attacks'.

How odd that he was still very obviously not understanding it at the time of the London bombings of 7/7/2005.  Presumably he would have had time to peruse its essential facts durint the intervening years.

I remember him stating that the attacks in London were terrorist attacks pure and simple, and were nothing to do with genuine Islam.  It was this which prompted me to search for the truth about Islam for myself.

Has he understood anything since 7/7/2005?  Watching him being interviewed this evening by Andrew Marr on BBC2, would suggest that plenty of people have tried to educate him regarding the painful truth of Islam, but it is still uncertain that he has taken the understanding of its full horrors onboard yet.

How is it that I and others can read the Koran, and see a very obvious causual link between the words that are written there, and terrorist acts such as 9/11, and yet politicians seemingly are willfully blind to it?

What will it take to make them open their eyes?  I would genuinely like to know.  That is not intended as just a rhetorical question.

Answers below please.

Churchill understood Islam very well.  How can it be that such a level of understanding has been lost from British politicians?

Churchill on Islam

Florence Rose Endellion Cameron

Many congratulations to the Prime Minister and Mrs Cameron on the birth of their daughter.

The birth of a healthy baby is a time of joyousness, and also a time of reflection.  What sort of world will they be growing up in?  How different will it be?  And what responsibilities must the parents contemplate, to ensure the security and wellbeing of the child?

It is for the sake of Florence Cameron and for her generation that I have put in many hours of effort to produce the books and this blog.

It saddens me deeply to realise that Florence, and other children born today, will very probably be living the latter half of their life under Sharia Law, if current trends are permitted to continue.  They do not deserve that sort of a future.

The demographic balance is changing very rapidly now.  Islam is certainly not, by any stretch of the imagination of the willfully ignorant, or the vain hopes of the foolish, a religion of peace.  Just read chapter 9 of the Koran to be disabused of any such notions.  It cannot be reformed, we have to face that painful fact, and make our plans accordingly.  'Failing to plan is planning to fail.'

Time for her Dad to address the issue!  He has already been sent a copy of 'Sharia or Democracy', and so, if he reads it, will have a fair grasp of the nature of the problem.

Thanks for the donations

Many thanks to those who have made donations.  You have made an important contribution.

The funds are being used to send copies of 'Sharia or Democracy' to Members of Parliament.

It is fairly obvious to anyone who spends time studying Islam that its teachings, its Sharia law, and its disregard of Human Rights means that it can have no place within a modern and progressive Democracy.

Unfortunately the incompatibility of Islam with Democracy seems to be not so obvious to our politicians!

It is therefore necessary to send this information to them.  They cannot then claim to have been ignorant of the facts.

In years to come, when Britain and other Western nations have either succumbed to Sharia, or have re-asserted themselves and their values, we will see what effect this Campaign will have had.  Hopefully you, the generous donors, will be able to feel a sense of having played a part in securing a future of freedom for yourselves and for the coming generations.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

164 Jihad Verses

Download Now

The Koran contains very many verses which instruct its followers to violence and intolerance.
There are some verses specifically related to Jihad.
For convenience these Jihad verses are collated here into one booklet.

Of course when reading the Koran it is important to read verses in their context, and the 'Chronological Koran' is freely available for that purpose as a PDF file download.

The word 'Jihad' means 'struggle'.
There is the internal struggle, and there is the external struggle.
The external struggle is very bad news for non-Muslims!
Be aware of what is coming to you, read this booklet at least.

Available as a printed booklet here:

Available as a free PDF download here: