1. To assert Democracy as the only form of governance in Britain.
2. To remove Sharia Law from any role in Britain.  Sharia and Democracy are mutually exclusive.  The important principle of one law for all, the Common Law, should not have been waived.  We need to bring back the Common Law, otherwise Parliament has already lost its purpose.
3. To properly address the threat from demographic changes.
4. To assert basic standards of animal welfare.  Halal slaughter to be outlawed without pre-stunning.  Again, there should be one law for all.
5. To make it specifically illegal for cousins and close blood relatives to marry.
6. To ensure the effective rehabilitation of Muslim prisoners.  The teachings in the Koran are counter-productive.
7. To abolish the death penalty for adultery worldwide.
8. To highlight the anomalies and untruths within the Koran.
9. To strive for a genuine and lasting peace in the Middle East for the benefit of all, with Israel secure from ideological and physical attacks.
10. To give freedom worldwide from mental enslavement to the Islamic ideology.


Britain must secure itself as a first priority.  A strong and self-confident Britain will then be in a better position to help our friends and allies.  Ultimately Islam itself must be undermined fatally if there is to be a genuine peace worldwide.  This may take some time to achieve, but meanwhile time is running out for Britain.
To this end, and to support the itemised aims, the following strategy is being followed:

1. To write printed publications on specific topics, such as the incompatibility of Sharia Law with Democracy.
2. To distribute these publications to people in positions of authority and of influence.  This includes politicians, religious leaders, opinion formers, special interest groups, journalists, and authors.
3. To provide a resource of useful information.  This includes making documents available as free downloads (including the Chronological Koran), and providing a useful set of links to videos and websites from this blog.
4. To raise donations to cover the printing and postage costs of the printed publications.
5. To raise awareness of this campaign, making use of the internet and email.  (See the HELP! page for a description of how you can help.)
6. To highlight the shortness of time available to secure our Democracy and indeed our civilisation.  The threat of Islam in western nations is far more severe than has been generally understood to date.  Everyone knows of the threat of Islamic terrorism.  The threat from 'peaceful' Islam is less dramatic, but is far more severe.

It is vitally important that those in positions of influence should properly understand the serious threat that exists to our future in Britain, and indeed in other nations within the western world.
To that end, copies of books are being sent to politicians, religious leaders, and opinion formers such as journalists, broadcasters, bloggers etc.

Please do order the books via (print on demand), and pass them on.

Your assistance is significantly important. My own funds are limited. Please go to the Donate page, and donate whatever you can do so. I am helping to secure your freedom and the freedom of the next generation in Britain and elsewhere that such freedoms are valued. Security of property is not guaranteed under Islamic rule, particularly for non-Muslims. Secure your future and your property now.  Think of the donation as an investment opportunity.

In the first instance, donations will pay for copies of 'Sharia or Democracy' to be sent to Members of Parliament.   Donations will also be used to send booklets to the suggested recipients.

We must first and foremost secure our Democracy and our Human Rights in Britain.  They are seriously under threat from Islam at the present time.  This is deadly serious.  Do NOT take this warning lightly, or brush it off by saying that such concerns are the fulminations of crazy extremists.  No, it will affect you too, whatever is your political outlook.  Please just open your eyes for a moment.  Watch the video 'Three Things About Islam', if you are not yet convinced.  Also please understand that we are being subjected to subtle propaganda, designed to dull our senses, and to lull us into a false sense of security.  This is serious indeed.

Once we have secured our own freedoms, we will be in a stronger position to help others worldwide.  We must not give up on the hope for Liberty and Human Rights for all, wherever they are in the world.  The analogy can be made with an aircraft in which the cabin pressure has been lost at altitude.  We must put on our own oxygen mask urgently first, before we can help the person next to us.  We are of no use to them whatever if we have already become unconscious.

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