Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Blair did not understand Islam!

There is an article in the Telegraph, with the title 'Tony Blair: I did not understand Islam at time of 9/11 attacks'.

How odd that he was still very obviously not understanding it at the time of the London bombings of 7/7/2005.  Presumably he would have had time to peruse its essential facts durint the intervening years.

I remember him stating that the attacks in London were terrorist attacks pure and simple, and were nothing to do with genuine Islam.  It was this which prompted me to search for the truth about Islam for myself.

Has he understood anything since 7/7/2005?  Watching him being interviewed this evening by Andrew Marr on BBC2, would suggest that plenty of people have tried to educate him regarding the painful truth of Islam, but it is still uncertain that he has taken the understanding of its full horrors onboard yet.

How is it that I and others can read the Koran, and see a very obvious causual link between the words that are written there, and terrorist acts such as 9/11, and yet politicians seemingly are willfully blind to it?

What will it take to make them open their eyes?  I would genuinely like to know.  That is not intended as just a rhetorical question.

Answers below please.

Churchill understood Islam very well.  How can it be that such a level of understanding has been lost from British politicians?

Churchill on Islam

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