Humanity stands at the crossroads.
Will we advance to a more humane and compassionate world, or regress?
Islam is the key to the future direction.  It is gathering strength.  Its retrograde forces are acting even in Democratic nations.
If we wish to preserve Democracy and Human Rights, and we must do so, then Islam itself (not just Islamic terrorists) must be defeated.
No amount of bombs or military means will achieve this.  It may put Islam to flight for a time, but it will return when it strengthens again.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
For Islam to be defeated, it must be undemined.  To do this, its texts must be examined, and weaknesses exploited.  Then it will destroy itself from within.


The conflict in the Middle East is not primarily about land.  It is about ideology first and foremost.
Israel represents only a small percentage of the land area of that region.  It is surrounded by those whose ideology itself is anti-Jewish.  The pages of the Koran are filled with anti-Jewish sentiment.  Read it for yourself.
There is however a curious feature of the Koran:  The existence of the State of Israel is justified within its pages.  Repeat:  Israel is justified in the Koran, as it is the will of Allah.
No Muslim can wish for Israel to be destroyed, because they would be acting contrary to the wish of Allah.
Read the booklet 'Israel Justified Within the Koran' for more details.  This information has the potential to bring genuine peace into that troubled region.  A genuine and lasting peace, not just a temporary truce.


The Muslim mind is heavily burdened by the fear of the fires of Hell.  Frequently within the pages of the Koran there are threats of Hellfire to non-Muslims, and to Muslims who do not act according to Mohammed's commands.
Now here is a curious thing.  The Koran has many anti-Pagan teachings.  However, where did the concept of Hell come from?  Yes, from Paganism!
The Prophets of the Old Testament / Torah did not believe in Hell, and so they cannot be considered to be Muslims.  Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses etc, none of them were Muslims.
The concept of eternal torment in Hell came into Christianity at an early time, borrowed from Paganism.  And from there it entered into the doctrine of Islam.
But it has been a big mistake.  It needs to be removed from Christianity.
Christianity supports Islam.
Having removed the concept of eternal torment in Hell from Christianity, then it will no longer support Islam.
Islam will then collapse.
Muslims should stop fearing Hell.  It should never have formed part of Islamic doctrine.  It is a big mistake.
More details in the booklet 'Islam and Parallel Universes'

The Koran is filled with angry and violent words and instructions.  It is a serious impediment to peace worldwide.  There is hope that it can and will be undermined.  We must have hope.


The people of Britain are waking up to the problems with Islam itself, not just with Islamic 'extremists'.
It is clear however that there is much scope for further education.
The following are the results of a survey 'Perceptions on Islam & Muslims'.

75% believed Islam and Muslims had provided a negative contribution to society
32% believed that Muslims are a major cause of community tension
2% responded positively concerning perceptions about Islamic law
76% did not agree to the statement that Muslims positively engage in society
36% did not know who the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon
him) was
61% did not respond positively when asked about the Prophet (peace and
blessings be upon him)
71% of all participants did not agree that the media is negatively biased towards
Islam and Muslims
63% did not disagree to the statement that “Muslims are terrorists”
70% did not disagree with the statement “Muslims preach hatred”
94% did not disagree with the statement “Islam oppresses women”
86% did not disagree with the statement “Islam is outdated”
72% did not agree with the statement “Muslims are law abiding”
85% did not disagree with the statement “Islam is irrational”
71% did not agree with the statement “Muslims are peaceful”
73% did not disagree with the statement “Islam cannot positively contribute to
modern society

When will our politicians take note of the majority of the electorate?