Your donation will be used to cover the printing and P&P costs of sending books and booklets.

I have been sending books to people of influence at my own expense, although my financial resources are not large. Every donation will help to spread the word, and in some way will contribute to a future of freedom and liberty for all.

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If you would like to keep your name anonymous, then create a PayPal account using a pseudonym, add funds to it, and then make a transfer from your PayPal account to here.  Sola Virtus does not require your address, but PayPal will ask for it if payment is via credit/debit card.  This is just to verify your card.

100% of donations received (after the PayPal transaction fee) are used for printing and distributing books / booklets.
The cost (to Sola Virtus) of printing and postage of the 'Sharia or Democracy' book is £5.26 to a UK address.

I am donating my time.

Many thanks, your support is appreciated.  Hopefully we can help to stop the Deadly Islamic Terror counter from incrementing.