Thursday, 2 September 2010

Human Rights

There is an article on the Telegraph website 'Human rights are key to our foreign policy'.

'We must harness Britain's generosity and compassion to help the rest of the world, says William Hague.'

My response:

I have sent several books to William Hague, including 'Sharia or Democracy' and 'Paradox of Human Rights'. 

It would be very helpful if the death penalty for adultery were abolished under Sharia law. 

I have read the Koran carefully. The justification for the death penalty is not in the Koran but in the Hadith. 

The teaching within the Koran, if applied logically, would negate the teaching in the Hadith. There is a logical inconsistency, which means that the death penalty should not apply. See 'Adultery Stoning Sentence'. 

This movement towards a more humane approach could also go some way towards preventing the estimated 5000 so called 'honour' killings per year. 

Before we think that such problems are in far away places and are not really our problem, consider this:

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  1. Steve30362 wrote on the Telegraph message system:

    'Could he be bothered to reply to you?

    You know that Sharia law will not be changed. Good luck though, I admire your efforts.'

    My reply:

    I have received no reply from William Hague or from any other politician to whom I have sent books.

    Even if they do not read the books completely, the important point is that they can no longer claim that they were not informed about Islam, or that nobody told them. I have told them!

    Thanks for the encouraging words. Anyone can help with my campaign, in several ways and not exclusively by giving donations, although that is a necessary part. Details of how to help are here: