Sunday, 4 July 2010

Islam and Parallel Universes

This book looks at Islamic beliefs, and compares them to its predecessors, namely Christianity and Judaism.

Within the Koran, there are numerous threats to anyone who steps out of line that they will burn in Hellfire.

However, and this may be news to some, the concept of Hell as a place of eternal torment does not form any part of Judaic teachings.  It is a relatively more recent concept within Christianity too.  It has its origins within Pagan beliefs, and did not form part of the original teachings of the Prophet Jesus.

Muslims should stop worrying about Hell.  It has all been a terrible misunderstanding!

The concept of Heaven is also flawed.  No human goes to Heaven!  It is clearly stated by Jesus that the meek shall inherit the Earth, NOT go to Heaven or Paradise!  Muslims should abandon hope of going to Paradise, as it is not destined for Humans to be there.

Science has advanced far beyond that which was available at the time of the Old Testament authors and later Prophets.  Not everything that is written in such texts is correct according to our modern knowledge!  The errors in the texts are clearly visible, demonstrating that the authors were fallible humans, not divine.  We should at least be willing to be honest, if humanity is to advance, and for there to be hope for genuine peace in the world.

How do we reconcile the concept of prophecy with free will?  Is it possible that the existance of parallel universes could hold some answers, and thereby form a bridge between science and religion?

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