Sunday, 4 July 2010

Chronological Koran

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The sura (chapters) of the Koran are arranged by convention in approximate size order, with the larger chapters first.  This is an unhelpful arrangement.

When studying the Koran it is vitally important to understand the principle of Abrogation, otherwise we are liable to completely misunderstand its teachings.

Abrogation means that the chronologically more recent verses abrogate, or cancel out the earlier verses, wherever contradictions occur.

The Koran made available here is arranged in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent sura are read first.

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  1. Any book that has so many internal contradictions that it has to have a special rule to deal with them, sounds like one more likely to have been written by a nomadic pederast than a prophet.

  2. a special rule? what special rule?

  3. The special rule is called 'abrogation'. Whenever a verse is read, it is necessary to know whether there is a more recent verse which supercedes the earlier verse.

    It is unfortunately the case that the more recent verses tend to be the more violent and intolerant ones. Since this is so, what possible hope can there be for Islam to coexist peacefully with the rest of the world?

    It is high time that our political leaders properly understood abrogations, and its implications. It is plainly obvious that the previous Government in Britain did not understand it, else why would they have encouraged Islam to flourish so much?

  4. I suggest every one to read the translation of this book from this website

    1. Okay fine but you forgot to tell everyone it is in the Traditional Order and NOT in Chronological Order. You therefore are either unaware or are deliberately practicing taqquia (spelled wrong I am sure) that allows Muslims to lie to spread Islam or protect themselves.

      We are not stupid out here. Many of us know EXACTLY how the Koran was assembled and how it hides the violent chapters (suras) that occurred during the Medina Phase of "Muhammed" establishing his religion once he became a war lord raiding caravans.

      Yes I also know Tasfir.

  5. abdulrahman's recommendation is typically serving Muslim nonsense. There is nothing new about the site. Standard translation of the Koran, out of order and confused.

  6. make that self-serving Muslim nonsense.