Sunday, 4 July 2010

Islam the Future for Britain

Islam is a religion.  It is also, inseparably a legal system and a political system.  There is no equivalent concept as Christianity has, with the principle of the separation of Church and State.

Islam is gaining momentum in Britain, both in terms of population expansion, and in terms of increased political influence.

Islam does not seek toleration.  It seeks domination.

The current demographic trends, unless a very significant reversal ocurrs, means that there will be a Muslim majority in Britain within a relatively short timespan.  A spreadsheet calculation indicates that the crossover point will be some time around the year 2050, even if the levels of immigration of the years 2000-2010 are reduced significantly.

In preparation for the Islamisation of Britain, we must firstly gain a better and more accurate understanding of Islam.  It is important to be truthful, and unfortunately there is an ongoing propaganda effort, such that the painful truth about Islam is being disguised.  We need to discuss it honestly and accurately, and not to be taken in by Taqiyya.  If you do not know what the word 'Taqiyya' means, then look it up.

We must put in place a number of contingency actions, such that an Islamic Britain does not become a danger to our neighbours and current allies.  We must decomission all nuclear installations and send all radioactive materials to safer countries.  All nuclear warheads must of course be decomissioned too.   This is becoming serious.

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