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Sharia or Democracy

This booklet describes the relationship between Sharia Law and Democracy.  It is being sent to Members of Parliament in Britain, with the aim of preserving Democracy and Human Rights.  You can help, by making a donation.  Donations are used to cover printing and postage costs.

If you are not able to make a financial donation, then please help by donating some of your time.  You can contact blogs and websites, and ask them to put links to this blog.  A small amount of your time can help to preserve our freedoms.  See the HELP! page for details.  Thankyou so much.

The argument re Sharia or Democracy is quite straightforward. Why do some commentators shy away from it? Perhaps the truth is too painful. We can no longer afford to be afraid of the truth, however unpalatable it might be. There are many experts on Islam who have studied it for years who also see that Sharia and Democracy are incompatible.

1. Sharia law is an inseparable part of true Islam. The commands in the Koran and the examples of Mohammed's actions in the Hadith are used to formulate the laws of Sharia. You can no more remove Sharia from Islam as you can tear out pages from the Koran. You also have to understand 'abrogation'.

2. Sharia law is incompatible with democracy. The laws of Allah are regarded as superior to the laws of man. What purpose would a parliament have? Its role would not be to devise legal innovation in response to the wishes of the citizens of the country, but to refine the interpretation of Allah's will.

3. As Sharia law is an inseparable part of Islam, and Sharia law is incompatible with democracy, the implication therefore is that Islam is incompatible with democracy.

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  1. Copied from the Telegraph message board:

    steve30362 wrote, in response to solavirtus:


    You're right, Jack Straw has been one of the principal architects behind many of the evils inflicted on this country in the name of the NuLab Stasi.

    He was also responsible for introducing the Human Rights Act into Law, benefitting his crony legal friends.

    Jack Straw is quoted as saying, just before the HRA became law in 2000, "“These are new rights for the new millennium. The Human Rights Act is a cornerstone of our work to modernise the constitution. It is one of the most important pieces of constitutional legislation the UK has seen."

    More like undermining the constitution.

    He was also responsible for removing the "Primary Purpose" rule restricting marriage based immigration, and therefore allowing many thousands of arranged marriages to become de facto legal, even though arranged marriages are against UK law.


    MigrationWatch regard the removal of the Primary Purpose rule as one of the primary reasons that immigration got out of control in the UK. Again see:

    He then oversaw the chaos at the Immigration and Nationality Department, while Head of the Home Office and strongly endorsed multicultural hiring so that a high proportion of those employed at the now renamed UK Border Agency are in fact overseas immigrants themselves. This has led to a significant number of prosecutions against immigration staff criminally earning money in return for visa extensions or British nationality. As you may recall this was the Government department infamously described as "Not fit for purpose" by John Reid, who was then Head of the Home Office.

    Also he was directly responsible for not fixing the complete separation of immigration entry (which remains to this day the responsibility of the Foreign Office) and "leave to remain" or visa extensions and nationality (the Home Office). To see what a complete mess there was, and still is, if you're interested have a look at the document - Immigration control: fifth report of session 2005-06: Vol. 1 Report, together with formal minutes House of Commons papers 775-I 2005-06. You can find a PDF version for free download here:

    He certainly deserves some recognition for what I am sure my parents would have unflinchingly described as traitorous acts. Unfortunately the 1795 Treason Act, unbeknown to many (even Baroness Scotland in the House of Lords last year), was repealed in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act.

    Oh yes, and I think Jack Straw was responsible for that too. It makes you wonder if he knew was he was doing all the time.